Current Project


BDRL has been awarded with three high-impact infrastructure and resorts development projects in Northern of Philippines by the Local Authority. There are: –

1)The Cagayan North International Airport(CNIA) in Lal-lo of Philippines.

2)Party Beach Resort Santa Ana ofPhilippines。

3)Amusement Centre at Santa Ana ofPhilippines

1) The Cagayan North International Airport(CNIA) in Lal-lo of Philippines


A modernisation of Terminal expansion project at Cagayan North International Airport (CNIA) in Lal-lo of Philippines is being undertaken by one ofthe subsidiary JV Company of BDRL Group.


On June 23, 2016, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) granted the airport new certification allowing it to handle aircraft with a capacity of up to 100 seats instead of only 29-seat capacity aircraft under the previous certification. The new certification has allowed the possibility of regular commercial flights to begin operation at the airport.


At the time of the new certification, the airport has fielded around 168 flights ranging from tourism, diplomatic visits and emergency services.


Meanwhile, the airport served its first two commercial flights with two planes from Macau landing in the airport since March 2018.


In order to enable the terminal to handle both domestic and international operations. The expansion project being implemented at the airport, is aims to modernise the existing terminals at the airport since the passenger traffic at the airport is growing at a steady pace and is anticipated to increase further in the future. The project is also intended to meet the growing demand for aviation services in the region and offer an enhanced travel experience to domestic and international passengers.


With the new expansion of the airport, it will feature advanced technologies, refurbished interior spaces, state-of-art baggage handling systems, and a large curb side area to ease the movement of passengers between terminals. It will ensure to enhance and envision CNIA Airport to become the international gateway to Northern Luzon that can initially serve domestic flights to other airports in the country and international flights to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

2) Party Beach Resort Santa Ana of Philippines


BDRL manage to secure the second development project being to upgrade of luxury resorts, sole Amusement and Recreation club at Party Beach Resort of Santa Ana (Cagayan), to become one of the world’s most iconic structures and a wide array of dining and Water-sports options in Philippine , in order to meet up with the tourist traffic at the resort that is growing at a steady pace and increase further in the future.


Party Beach Resort is a private beachfront resort and events centre situated on beautiful land and golden coast of Santa Ana (Cagayan) in the Philippines. It is the perfect spot for weekend get-away, family holidays, travelers and water-sports enthusiasts. With its convenient location, the resort will offer easy access to the city of Manila.


When the luxury of the new designed resorts and the surrounding are buildup, it will offer many facilities to enrich all guests’ accommodations feature thoughtful amenities to ensure an unparalleled sense of comfort. The property’s will host of recreational offerings plenty activities during the stay. For the comfort and convenience of guests, the resort offers 24-hour security,casino, Wi-Fi in public areas, BBQ facilities.


Day visitors can enjoy all the amenities on site,including rent-able Open Cottages for shelter and relaxing by the pool. While, the Superb facilities and an excellent location will make Party Beach Resort the perfect base for photo shoots and film scenes and Water-sports enthusiasts can take full advantage of the South China Sea’s coast for surfing.


Party Beach Resort is aims to provide a joyful and authentic Philippine experience with emphasis on nature and a high standard of customer service.